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Hi guys! Here's my Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2019 broken down, step by step 👌🏻

This was originally filmed for Later Media's "LaterCon" - the first ever online Instagram Marketing Conference!



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  1. Jen K says:

    Yay Alex!! Loving this video and I’m gaining so much knowledge from your Ivy League course. Thank you for your fantastic videos and courses. So much value.

  2. Everton Edward says:

    Thank you so much, I'm new to this. This was very helpful.

  3. Anthony Lipari says:

    Hey Alex do you do much with TikTok?

  4. LeapingFrog Edu says:

    Thanks for the step by step approach. 🙂

  5. Abdullah Alismail says:

    simply you are good at it !

  6. Hiedi Rosinski says:

    The only website that really works for me and gives away free likes and followers is SMM EMPIRE - Take my word for it, But for real I have tried many different websites but in reality none of those work just like SMM EMPIRE hehe

  7. Lance Koehn says:

    Awesome! Digital Advertisement to marketing is the future of passive incomes!

  8. Baigeh Ansumana says:

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  9. Lisa says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you so much Alex!😃

  10. Shallando Shallan says:

    Really love this video
    Thank you so much for sharing 🙌🏾

  11. Amintore Confalonieri says:

    Great video Alex!!! May I share it in my channel?

  12. Jimmy Navarro says:

    Great, great video! tons of value in short video! I'm follow you in all platforms

  13. donavin51 says:

    Very cool video! Thank you!

  14. POGIMAN レビュー says:

    ton of value in this video.. thank you! 🙂

  15. DIYLocalSocial says:

    this is true, great video ☝️ like we mentioned in our previous video, social media is a great channel to reach new customers!

  16. Yasser Almegawi says:

    thank you so much, pretty good

  17. Muhammad Ashraf says:

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  18. neilyeag says:

    To all-- Alex is the REAL deal!! Her courses are completely spot on, great detail, easy to follow and no fluff. Granted my IG account is small to begin with, but three weeks into her course my following has increased by 50%. And through that a significant increase in my website views. If you are serious about IG as part of your marketing strategy run don't walk to check out more of her offerings.

  19. EYEBALL says:

    Thanks Alex, great stuff as always, you rock.

  20. Rashi says:

    Omg! Thank you so much, Alex!! I was so lost and clueless on how to grow my Instagram! Learned a lot and off to create h strategy asap! 😍😄😃

  21. Esther Agbosua says:

    Nice video. Indeed social media is one of the platforms businesses can use to engage their customers.
    Also, businesses could also make use of a social media calendar..More concept via

  22. Mounia Akaddarn says:

    I really like this, thanks for sharing!

  23. FLASH BLAST says:

    Thank you for your advice !!! very beneficial

  24. Namaste UI says:

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  25. Sangita Mukherjee says:

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  26. Sourav Basak says:

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  27. joie gahum says:

    Hashatory to help you with hashtags.

  28. Social T. says:

    Great stuff! Keep up the quality content!

  29. Jakob Bourne says:

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  30. Nigar Gg says:

    Thanks for this useful video.
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  31. Mel Paradise says:

    He's right about getting out there in-person. For my business, I have to travel around doing a lot of trade shows, conventions, expos, that sort of thing, and honestly I do more sales and gain my following doing that. Facebook is dying, their algorithms are broken, and they're now a waste of time. Good thing they haven't entirely screwed up instagram yet. Also, if anyone wants to make some quick $$, I'm offering 30% commission on wholesale orders of my designer toys. Gift shops and the like. PM for details. 🙂

  32. Lynkpal Asia says:

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  33. David Santiago says:

    Nice vid! Thanks! I use a tool called eClincher and is doing wonders for me. Totally recommended! 🙂

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  35. Cearion Uy says:

    Thanks for this good sir! Valuable tips! I only recently engaged myself social media marketing and been untilizing influencers to do that. Results have been great and consistent. I use the phlanx platform, overall it's been a great experience.

  36. Nathanial Bibby says:

    I like this, thanks for sharing!

  37. Geoff Surtees says:

    Good summary!

  38. Sam Hurley says:

    Thanks so much for the inclusion, Daniel + Team!!! 😎🎉🔥🚀😍 #RESPECT

  39. RISHABH SALUJA says:

    How much should I pay for the collaboration of an influencer?

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