Why Your Social Media Content Is Garbage and How to Fix It! (Social Media Marketing Strategy)

Posted in Online Marketing on April 14, 2020
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Today I’m going to share with you a social media strategy that will boost your engagement and reach with the best social media content - especially if you’re tired of posting stuff on the social web that gets no engagement, no traction, no likes and shares.

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The first tip I have for you is to start posting video content. Whether it's YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, even Twitter, they're all craving video content.

You need to be pushing more out there. They're trying to crush the television networks out there.

Even LinkedIn; LinkedIn now has a live feature. Video does way better than anything else. If you post videos, you'll get way more engagement than if you didn't.

I felt that with my channel, I usually get four or five times more engagement just by posting video content over text space.

So start with that.

The second tip I have for you is don't be so preoccupied about being perfect.

Everyone's like oh I gotta pose, I gotta wear makeup, I gotta be perfect before I take a picture or I post something.

Nothing has to be perfect.

Just put it out there and see what works. It's all about testing. The stuff that's working is what you should do more of.

When you post stuff, and it doesn't do well, you shouldn't keep posting that same stuff over and over again. And that's what you're doing right now.

A lot of people are like, let me put these images of quotes, but if you're not getting traction of those images with quotes on LinkedIn or on Facebook, stop posting them.

They're not going to do any better for you. You gotta post stuff that is doing well.

It's all about testing, and when you're testing, you don't have to be perfect. Just go with the flow.

The next step I have for you is leverage micro-content.

Everyone's like, oh I gotta go out there and create content, and they make this whole ordeal of it.

Film your life. Film your day in the office. Talk about your customers, talk about your products or services. If you're giving a speech, cool, give that speech.

And when you have all this information, cut it up into bite-sized information, five minute clips, two minute clips.

Quick images here and there, add a quote, and test throwing it all out there because then you can use this micro-content to drive traffic to that main piece of content.

It'll help you get three, four, five times more views than if you just focus on these big pieces of content.

Because when you only focus on this big piece of content, it's hit or miss.

But when you do 10 of them, you have 10 shots at doing really well and that'll tell you, hey this is what you should do more of and this is what you should do less of.

The next tip is what works on one social network, won't work on all.

I'm seeing a huge trend right now, everyone's like they take the same content, they put in on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and they're like, this is what I'm doing.

Well let me tell you something. What works on Instagram won't work on Facebook. Good example of this, I could put images with quotes and do really well on Instagram but Facebook doesn't care about that.

You gotta figure out what's working for each social network and do that for that network. Each algorithm isn't the same.

And last but not least, have your edge.

There's something unique about you. Exploit that, leverage that, be yourself.

Everyone tries to be someone else on the social web. Who cares what people think?

By being yourself, you're going to be much better off than if you're just trying to act a certain way just for Instagram, or just for YouTube, or just for Facebook.

Leverage your edge. If you're someone who like cussing because that's just you, be you. If you're someone who's dorky and nerdy like me, I'm me; I don't try to go out there and pose with male models and female models, I myself release informative technical content 'cause that's just me.

Be yourself and leverage your edge.

Now if you follow these techniques, you're going to be much more popular on the social web, your content won't be garbage, people are going to like, share, and engage with it.

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