TOP 5 Online Marketing Strategies to Start Your Business | Tiege Hanley VLOG 205

Posted in Online Marketing on February 16, 2020
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TOP 5 Online Marketing Strategies to Start Your Business | Tiege Hanley VLOG 205


Aaron has a special guest in the Tiege Hanley house! Mike Levy, the Marketing Director of Pete & Pedro, is joining Aaron to relay some valuable business information. First a bit of background information -- Mike started with Pete & Pedro after 10-years of men’s grooming e-commerce experience with the Grooming Lounge. He once even hired Aaron to promote the Grooming Lounge on Aaron’s YouTube channel back when Aaron had only 20K subscribers! About a year and ½ ago, Mike was hired to grow the marketing part of Pete & Pedro outside of Aaron’s YouTube influence and has been effective boosting revenue 30-35% over last year.

Now, without further ado, Mike presents the top five internet marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses:

Number one is customer service. Customer service is the backbone of any business, and everything a company does should revolve around customer service. Customer service should communicate effectively, return contacts quickly as possible, and discover what makes a customer happy to resolve his/her specific issue. Successful customer service results in valuable word-of-mouth marketing and repeat business. Do everything possible to make customers happy because even if they don't buy from the company again, at least they won't trash talk it.

The second tip is: less is more. When starting out, a business will not have time or money to spare; therefore, focusing on and pushing a couple of marketing tactics that work is recommended. In other words, don't put energy into every single type of marketing. A company can't be great at everything, but it can be great at a few things which will result in an even greater potential for success.

The third tip is email marketing lists. Email is king and the best bang-for-the-buck advertising. Creating an email list is important, and then managing it well and adding value with those emails are equally as important. Capture website traffic with classic pop-ups, welcome mats, collection forms, feature box, and more to get potential customers into the sales funnel. The first time a visitor hits the website is the first ‘touch point’ and thereafter trust must be built. Before a purchase is made, a potential customer will be marketed to 5 to 10 times.

MailChimp is an optimal service for a small email list. Once the list is more robust, Klaviyo is a suggested upgrade that offers more functionality. Keep in mind a massive email list is very expensive monthly. Make sure to scrub non-openers and dead email addresses periodically.

The fourth tip is to get customer reviews. Whenever a new product is launched, obtain at least five reviews for the website. Both positive and negative feedback are necessary for authenticity, because no product is perfect. Further, negative reviews allow customer service to reconnect with those individuals to turn that issue into a more positive experience. And a customer may even ultimately change their review. Positive reviews should also be contacted, because these are the best customers and more willing to try other products in the future.

A review service really makes a difference. Pete & Pedro has been using Judge Me and is now transferring to Yatpo which features full functionality including Google Shopping. With Google Shopping, stars accumulate for a product which ultimately builds trust. A product with 1,000 stars will get more clicks than a product that has 0 to 10 stars for example. Yatpo also includes SEO, organic help, a better filter, and better functions that integrate with email for feedback.

The fifth tip is conversion optimization. Businesses love more website traffic, but the problem is traffic costs a significant amount money to obtain. Instead, nail down conversions first. Conversions can be improved with AB testing, heat maps, pop-ups, website rearrangement, and more. Once the conversion rate is high, paying for more traffic makes more sense.

When customers add to their shopping cart and then start to leave the website, additional conversion tactics come into play as well. Key crucial online marketing techniques to close the sale before the customer leaves the website include browser abandoned, shopping cart abandoned, and remarketing. These create the best return on investment.

And with these tips, Mike reassures that everything else marketing related will fall into place.

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  1. Szilágyi Péter says:

    Aaron's integrity amazes me. He has 5.5 million subscribers and still takes the time to put the outline of his video in the description (others no longer do because maybe then you wont watch the video and they dont get that much money) and also making great content here for a few thousand people who look for his help in starting their businesses. It just makes me proud that I found his channel back in 2009 and been here through the journey seeing how someone can become so successful and influential without losing his spine. He doesn't promote things he doesn't like or believe in, he says his honest opinion and always tries to help viewers out with something. Thank you Aaron for being a rolemodel. Love you man. Cheers.

  2. Jonar Yigitbas says:

    So it lasts longer

  3. Jonar Yigitbas says:

    Make your products bigger

  4. James Humphries says:

    BUSINESS QUESTION- Would you say you’ve found your true life’s purpose yet? If so what is it? And does it tie into the businesses that you run. 🤝

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    You should make body Products for acne

  6. Jonar Yigitbas says:

    You should make body products

  7. Stefan Malgas says:

    Turned on captions, but for some reason only Dutch was available🤨. Anybody else get that?

  8. Dominick Campbell says:

    Business Question - How do you find an opportunity for a business?
    How are you sure if the company will be relatively successful?

  9. Gary Hernandez Self-defense & Urban Survival says:

    Business question Hello Aaron what do you really think about doing commercials for your business is it worth the money.

  10. Khoi N says:

    (Business Question) first off, love the vlog guys, very helpful stuff! so I'd like to know what your stance is on this.

    say I run a blog and YT channel and have been building an audience over the past few years. and I'm now at a point where I want to launch a product. would you recommend to go the shopify route on a separate domain or integrate the shop via a WordPress plugin like woo commerce directly thru my blog? I've researched and there seems to be pros and cons for both, but I wanted to know your take.

    Thanks for the time and keep up the great work!

  11. Sam Anber says:

    Business question: I have a product idea, how can I test it fast (with minimal capital) and bring it to the market if I don’t have an audience? I would assume that influencers with big followers don’t need my (little) money for promotional content. How can I get over this obstacle? In other words, I don't want to be stuck with a product without figuring out a marketing channel which, in this case, is the influencer. (I'm almost losing sleep over starting this business).

  12. Dylan LaLonde says:

    Business question Hey alpha, can you explain the difference in an LLC an LP and a corporation? Thanks keep up the great work!

  13. Chthonic Syn says:

    Hi Mr. Marino, Mr. Levy, and the team! Loving the content! I am an aspiring entrepreneur, but every business that I’ve tried from real estate, to social media marketing, to sales always ends at the same roadblock: fear of not knowing enough to start. I can learn a lot about how to do something from A to Z, but I’m always crippled once it’s time to take that swing at bat. How can people overcome this? Thanks for your responses in advance!

  14. Johnny Arroyo says:

    Glory boys. Alpha do a tiege hanley meet up in Chicago. Would be great to learn from like minded people and also I live in Chicago and use tiege hanley daily

  15. Ryan G says:

    Definitely an informative video! Thanks Alpha!

  16. Project Life Mastery says:

    Are you spending most of your time as a Content Consumer or a Content Creator? What are you going to do to start creating content online?

  17. Grant B says:

    Good video

  18. Mike Schonewille says:

    Thanks stefan! I'm creating content once a week at this point. So i can stay consistent

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    I started my business Vvogue Rrage last years. However, I didn't see an increase of traffic to my website until I developed better content.

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    Great video 🙂

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    If you build it, they will come.

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    Thanks for the video Stefan! Do you still coach? I need a mentor. I have 4 campaigns launched and have hit a plateau.

  24. Earthmother29 says:

    This is a great video thank you Stephen

  25. Anca Avram says:

    I very much loved this video of yours.I watched it every day for the last 4-5 days.Though you are sharing simple concepts they are so empowering but also so easy to left out.Thank you so much Stefan.I also loved your video with your girlfriend and her selling on Amazon journey.I can relate to her and because of that I know that the info you are giving is genuine true and real.Thank again and have a great day !

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    wow very interesting! thanks!!

  27. Chris A says:

    What did you do before this? All of this!

  28. Jessica Ann says:

    This is so true! Thank you for another awesome video. I've been creating content for a little while now and it's starting to pay off. I always like to think of it as... every time I put another article, blog post, FB post or video out there it's another chance to get traffic.

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    THANK YOUUUUUUUU .. so amazing this video

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    Stefan, do you believe new FBA sellers must go through a training program to be successful? If so, can you recommend any outside of ASM?

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    The business I'm hoping to create is centred around content (articles & podcasts). Have been doing that for a couple of months. Now need to take it to the next step and monetise it. Just been holding myself back from doing that.

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