The Real Estate Social Media Strategy for Maximum Reach and Engagement | #TomFerryShow

Posted in Online Marketing on February 19, 2020
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In this episode of the #TomFerryShow, I’m tackling one of the most asked questions I hear:

What should I be doing on social media?

I’ll share with you my strategies to:

- Stand out in a crowded space (Hint: #stopworthy)
- Get ranked higher by the algorithms to ensure your content is seen
- Schedule your posts for maximum impact

I'll also share The Ideal Weekly Social Media Schedule and reveal the Cardinal Sin of Social Media you simply must avoid!

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20 Responses to “The Real Estate Social Media Strategy for Maximum Reach and Engagement | #TomFerryShow”

  1. Robert Lucien says:

    Tom you are the man!! Thanks for having so much content, REALISM, and laying it out so simply!!

  2. Sher Ji says:

    We have hundred thousand followers on our pages on Instagram in real estate niche
    If anyone is interested in promotions , shoutouts , posting listings , growing your account etc or any other services or some traffic for your page etc... can message us on one of our pages @luxhousesinsta

  3. Aiman Sirkhot says:

    "This was a helpful video! Building a real estate business is one of the hardest things
    to do, considering the relentless competition out there. However, digital marketing has made things easier.
    I came across Mediaqart which is an automation backed platform, where you can start real estate ad campaigns and generate Leads of clients interested in properties. Feel free to check it out"

  4. Bonifacio Orteza says:

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    If they’re buying they are watching

  6. carl mcrae says:

    Great info-I’m using GoDaddy Social to help me get my RE online marketing established but I’m not asked to engage. Should I step up and create my own videos , stories, etc and post. I’d appreciate your opinion

  7. Mustang Mary says:

    Some great social media tips, but holy smokes, all the time spent posting on social media, who has time to talk to buyers and actually go view homes? Or write contracts, or talk to lenders, or the other millions of things needed to be done... doesn't seem realistic to me...

  8. Erik Hammond says:

    You are making a difference Tom!

  9. Aran Van Niekerk says:

    the best motivation to get the blood boiling for some sales

  10. Luis Patiño says:

    Thank you so much Tom. I'm working with a team that doesn't have website and crm. What do you recommend?

  11. Ace Hardy says:


  12. Renata Anderson says:

    Solid Information, Tom! I am SLOWLY implementing some fun social media interaction on my instagram and Facebook business pages( far from being even close to what it needs to be.  It takes scheduling before creating a habit of doing it. What is the app for scheduling those? I could not catch it! Love your upbeat energy a LOT! Looking forward to more of your videos!

  13. Patrice Kofa says:

    Hi, besides Hootsuite, what other Apps would you recommend? something I can use on my phone.

  14. Александр Данилов says:

    Thank you Tom ! Very helpful video ! Also it’s very important to keep consistency of all this actions.

  15. Carl Setzer says:

    I agree with you Tom. Thanks Mark!

  16. LRJared says:

    Oh My Gay

  17. Specialists Professionals Real Estate Brokers Dubai says:

    Phenomenal Tom
    Altaff Hadi Omar Bhikhba
    Specialists Professionals Real Estate Brokers

  18. Jonathan West says:

    If you are a real estate agent and not involved with a Tom Ferry coach you are doing yourself a great disservice!

  19. MrGanganagar says:

    oops doesn't sound professional- OK, very informative indeed Thanks Tom. Hold my hand till I make a million in a season. I will ship cadburry chocolates from London

  20. Sasha Reid says:

    This was a great video. Thanks a lot Tom!

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