The new social media marketing strategy revealed

Posted in Online Marketing on April 4, 2020
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The new social media marketing strategy

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Out of all the marketing spaces out there, social media is the one that changes the most every year, and it changes so drastically. And look, if you're going to follow advice from one or two years ago, it's not really going to work in the future. Today I'm going to break down seven marketing trends that'll help you dominate social media in 2020.

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So what's the big first big change? It's, Stories, are going to continually grow.

According to Hootsuite, 64% of marketers either have already incorporated Instagram Stories into their strategies, or plan to. So you need to really get into Stories.

Even YouTube has recently added Stories to its platform. And it's going to be something that the default on all social platforms that come about, even the new ones that emerge that haven't launched yet, everyone's going to be into Stories. So make sure that you're leveraging them, and you can use the same story for all the platforms out there, so it'll just be more efficient for you.

The second trend, niche platforms are going to take off.

Look, Facebook's big, Instagram's big, they've dominated a lot of the social channels in the last few years. But platforms like TikTok are taking off at record rates for youth communities.

Business platforms like LinkedIn do really well for the B2B category, or the business world.

There's all these niche platforms that are coming about. Some of them are old, some of them you heard about, but more people are really going into these niche communities.

Just like Pinterest is really good for interior decoration, and really good if you're targeting the female demographics. So you need to look at these niche networks, and not just push them out and be like, oh, no one's on Pinterest, it's not that popular. It's still a multibillion-dollar publicly traded company.

If you're not paying attention to these niche channels, you're not going to do well. And here's the thing, if you already created content for one of them, you can repurpose that content and put it out everywhere, right? Just look at all the channels out there.

The third trend, there's a new push for social commerce.

See, at my ad agency, we get a lot of people talking to us, being like, "I'm doing e-commerce, were doing really well "on Facebook ads and Instagram ads, "we want to now get into Google adverts." This is the opposite, years ago it used to be people like, "I started with Google adverts, "now I want to figure out Facebook." People are now starting with Facebook and social ads, because social commerce is so big when it comes to Instagram. There's all these companies build off of Instagram and social media.

The fourth trend, augmented reality is going to be more prevalent.

Now, this stuff hasn't taken off yet, but you see Snapchat really pushing hard on this, Facebook's pushing hard on this, and although it's not fully there, it's going to become more and more popular in the future.

The fifth big trend is a rise of regulatory control.

Look, there's so much privacy information that we're all concerned about, you bet the government's going to step in. So you need to be more careful with the data that you're pushing out, what you're collecting on people, because last thing you want to do is breach any of these rules. And it's not just on a country by country basis, now in certain regions, like the United States, each state has their own rules when it comes to privacy.

The sixth trend, technology adoption will take off.

We're now in a role where video is everything. Video is going to become more popular than text-based stuff, everyone's going to want video-based content, because they have these mobile devices, and they have these broadband networks that are coming into place, where videos just happens so fast it's just going to become the norm.

And that gets me into the seventh trend. Video content will dominate any other form of content.

If you have text-based content, you've already found on Facebook, doesn't do as well as video-based. But it's not just Facebook, all the other networks from LinkedIn to TikTok, to them wanting live video, this is all going to take off.

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    Stack your content up by being what we call 'omnipresent' by using the same piece of content for different platforms at the same time, an example of this would be to video your podcast that way you can upload your audio and post a video to your Youtube or and other video platforms all at the same time. This is one I think is important to practice. It helps to get more done and be more consistent.

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