Social Media Strategy Template: A COMPLETE Guide

Posted in Online Marketing on December 27, 2019
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Social Media Strategy Template: A COMPLETE Guide

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Why do you need a Social Media Strategy Template? Because it will help you align your business goals to the activities on social media platforms.

If you are running a business, or you a working for a business then you have "business goals". Now those goals could be to increase sales 10% this year, or drive a lift in client retention by 30% for example.

Regardless, the reason that you need to create a social media strategy is because you are looking to obtain a business goal.

SO it is crucial that you first and foremost align those goals to your social media and establish key performance indicators that you can look at each month and will tell you how well you are progressing towards those objectives.

Social Media Strategy Template:

1. Align Business to Social Media Marketing Goal & Establish KPIS
o Increase Leads | Action = CPA
o Increase Sales | Conversion = ROAS
o Brand awareness | Reach = CPM
o Thought leadership | Consumption = CPE
o Engage customers | Engagements = CPE

2. Define Your Target Audience
Are you targeting end customer or an influencer in the purchase decision?
o Age
o Gender
o Demographics
o Psychographics
o Purchase Behaviors
o Facebook Insight Tool (seed List)

3. Platform Strategy
o Selection of platforms
o Purpose of platform

4. Messaging Strategy
o Organic Social Tone (emoji use, etc.)
o Amplification
o Segmented Messaging by Age?
o Daypart by weekday vs. weekend
o RTG by recency and/or actions

5. Content Strategy
o Images / Video (360 video / LIVE / Boomerangs)
o Gifs
o Downloadables
o Infographics
o White Papers

6. Amplification Strategy
o Purpose of ads (can serve multiple goals)
o How to split your budget?
o Frequency of campaigns
o Length of flights

7. Governance
o When do you respond to a comment?
o When do you avoid engaging with a user?
o When do you block someone?

8. Monitor Results
o Revisit channel performance monthly
o Evaluate creative & messaging performance
o Use quarterly reviews to see the bigger picture


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    How do i create a campaign for IG accounts without using their password? Thank u

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    Hello. Would you happen to have a video that relates to social media for government agencies/municipalities?

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    This is the best video I've seen on YouTube regarding social media strategy. Very detailed-not the fluffy, vague information we all obviously know. Keep it up!

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