Marketing Tips For Online Boutique Owners

Posted in Online Marketing on April 20, 2020
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WATCH IN HD: Today we’re talking Marketing Tips for Online Boutique Owners and how to increase your store's sales & conversions by implementing a few tweaks. Mastering effective Marketing tactics can be difficult for small business owners and will be an ongoing learning experience but hopefully, this video helps! #MarketingTips #OnlineBoutique


#1 Implement Design That is Conversion Friendly - Your digital storefront/website should have cohesive branding, function design, and have call to actions that make it easy for the customer to buy.

#2 You Need an Email Marketing Strategy - If you want to make money 💰 you need a direct line to the traffic (people) who are visiting your site. Using follow up emails, lead magnets and re-targeting help ensure your marketing activities go uninterrupted. Thus, increasing your odds of converting visitors into paying customers and keeping your brand top of mind.

#3 You Have to “Pay to Play” - Yes, there’s enough pie 🥧 for you to have a piece. But organic traffic and free marketing tactics will only get you so far. You will need to invest your hard earned cash 💵 into branding & paid advertising opportunities to extend your reach. Investing in paid Adverts also gives you the opportunity to analyze data related to your target market so you can improve how you market to them.

- Facebook Audience Insights
- Neilsen MyBest Segments


👇🏾 What I Use to Design Graphics:

👇🏾 What I Use to Increase Conversions with Social Proof:

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Instagram Marketing Tips Pasang Ads atau Beli Followers

Instagram Marketing Tips : Pasang Ads atau Beli Followers

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    ⚡️Profit With Printful Course Open For Enrollment Now! Get Your Canva + Printful + Shopify Game Plan plus more 👉🏾

  2. Allison Bruner says:

    So insightful! Thanks for sharing all of these great tips. I think the best tip was: if the information seems redundant in your research, it’s because it’s important.

  3. Jessica Warfield says:

    I was searching for this and came across your video. Just wanted to say I think you're really pretty.

  4. sherley pierre says:

    How do you make money with ig and Facebook when they only make your stuff popular if you are spending 20$ on ads everyday

  5. Auspici0us_ says:

    Helpful video thank you!

    My brand is Fashioná and I make/design luxury clothing inspired by the 90’s & early 2000’s!

  6. Cynthia Lawson says:

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  7. Suvanna Olivarez says:

    Love this video! I am a new boutique owner if anyone wants to check it out 🧡

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    Let me know what you think about my boutique
    Thank you for all the useful information 🙂

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    Great video.

  10. Jessica Montoya says:

    shop with me, i just started my boutique😘

  11. Tiffy G Writes says:

    Yes! Tools are so powerful for digital marketing in general.

  12. alanalene says:

    I had this video in watch later for a few weeks. So happy I finally watched it. So helpful. Thanks sis!

  13. Brenda Alvarez says:

    Sorry but I love your skin. You look beautiful omg .

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    Natural beauty woman

  15. jennechant says:

    Your eyes are so pretty. I don’t know if they’re contacts but they’re very pretty.
    Anywho.. thanks for sharing your insights 😊really helpful

  16. RicaMO' RICH says:

    so I have my launch date set for March 20,2020 how can I start marketing once I get my legal stuff out the way? I have 2 Instagram pages and one is a blog page about fashion and the other is a personal page I haven’t made a page this is for my boutique because I don’t have any product

  17. Free As Sunshine says:

    Thannnk you so much for this video! It schooled me on the basics, tried & true methods I need to do. I am in the conception stage of my business, Its still being formed & I need help finding out who in fact is my target market before I write my boutique business .What is the best way to research that ?

  18. Sortlist says:

    Awesome video! Many thanks!😀 What is your opinion on the next trends in digital marketing??😏😏😏


  19. Teknobie says:

    Ga mau mubazir 😮 pasang iklan ga ada konversi? Pasang tool all in one CTA ini di IG profile mu 👉 biar kesempatan closingmu bisa naik 200% 🥳🤑

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    Om...tks u/video nya....Tanya dong...kalau buat jualan sekarang trend nya cari produk di Google atau di IG/FB, apa beda nya kita posting di IG vs. Blog? Apakah akan ter index semua atau lebih unggul IG? Tks

  25. Adzura Nuryanti says:

    Thanks bgt tipsnya pak

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    Cek Ig Saya Pak @remix.polosan hehe saya membangun sendiri

  27. Della Deantis says:

    Ko aku mau tanya, ig aku udah gabisa dibaikin ke akun bisnis, apakah ada solusi nya? Karna jujur suka gonta ganti akun bisnis dan pribadi karna kalo endorse cenderung ngeprivate akun kemudian baru di kembalikan lg ke akun bisnis 😭😭

  28. Teknobie says:

    Belajar Bisnis Online Shop Instagram Gabung ke Komunitas Teknobie 👉


    Mantaaappp om..mampir k channel sy om y..makasih

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    200 per-hari dari 200 hari dapat 50 yang follow yang beli 5 orang tapi ya lumayan

  33. Receh Then Rich says:

    Ko masukan bright lamp visualnya over dikit, dan background sama baju yang dipakainya hampir keliatan menyatu impactnya objek figur personnya look litte flat kedalaman/dimensi jd kurang ..over all contentnya daging ty 🙂

  34. Putra Adi says:

    Bang gimana si bang biar like instagram. Bisa banyak buat kontenya dong bang

  35. Ibnu Hidayat says:

    Bahas strategi funel dong pak

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    Sukses selalu pak dan salam kenal semoga usahanya sukses selalu dan jaya jadi inspirasi

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    Terima ksih.

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