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Posted in Online Marketing on June 14, 2020
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Boost Your Marketing Today:
Watch this video for 4 great examples of marketing automation for small business.

Examples Discussed in Video:
1) Choose the right channels & ad campaigns
2) Automate ads / retargeting funnel
3) Automate email marketing
4) Automate customer communications (email & text messages)
Bonus Tip - Find a good marketing platform where marketing & CRM are fully integrated


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20 Responses to “Marketing Automation for Small Business - 4 Examples | Marketing 360®”

  1. HD Visual Arts & Projects says:

    Great information thanks for sharing. Powerful stuff

  2. Daniel Herrera says:

    Marketing automation is powerful.
    You can literally set yourself up for success if you are persistent and work your craft.

  3. Nebu M Johnson says:

    thanks & nice presentation and grate information

  4. sally khawanky says:

    I need to know how much I need, to start marketing campaign for a new Cashback site in United state mainly

  5. MasterSolve Inc. says:

    Thanks for sharing these great examples! Automating customer communications definitely stood out the most

  6. The CREAM Company says:

    Awesome info!!

  7. Falcon mlik says:

    Hi I can't open your website from the UK

  8. AJ Roy says:

    You look a bit like Ken Shamrock when he was in his thirties HAHA

  9. S. - says:

    Unbelievable, a company your size hasn't acted upon GDPR (which was, 5 years ago?) and now COMPLETELY BLOCKS ALL EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS from their service. I think this fact alone says enough about this company...

  10. giovanniyoung says:

    Support awesome video. What CRM do you recommend?

  11. Healthy Conscious says:

    Love this vid! thanks

  12. The Influencer Project says:

    Great video! Very helpful and informative, thanks!

  13. York Woodford-Smith says:

    Thanks for the info, some great ideas here, now just got to put them into action with a small team 🙂

  14. Oxygen says:

    you know what's missing for me? screenshots and/or images of real examples

  15. lowellareajdn says:

    funny. I got the text message and went to the video within 5 minutes, just like JB stated 🙂

  16. HO SUM YUEN says:

    useful, tks

  17. shachar cohen says:

    hi, i'm sorry but i think the BG-Music here is too loud. and I coulntd concentrate in you vid

  18. Xtra Value Digital says:

    Should use graphic examples to visualize business automation process cannot explain it only speaking....should include some demo...

  19. E says:

    Hi, I would like to have more info on your services for my businesses. I am in the Netherlands and I get an error message when going to : Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. Does your platform work for the Netherlands?

  20. Sai Sudhir says:

    awesome. and thanks for the examples.

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