Internet Marketing Tips: Gauging the Success of Online Marketing

Posted in Online Marketing on October 10, 2020
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Internet Marketing Start to Finish author, Catherine Juon, provides an overview on sales and how a customer interacts with you online provides important data regarding web and offline sales.
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Recently interviewed Shama Hyder for my Digital Talk Show where Shama Shows the secret of success for b2b business and some great conversations on woman in digital business.

Shama is Helping b2b brands thrive in the digital age as CEO of Zen Media, Author, Keynote Speaker. LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing.

She has been featured as one of the top marketers on Forbes, Inc for the work that she has done by far.

You can connect with shama on:


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20 Responses to “Internet Marketing Tips: Gauging the Success of Online Marketing”

  1. S. K Gupta says:

    Excellent information and facts sharing

  2. Brad Mathias says:

    Hey Sorav, amazing content! I found it quite helpful! Bernie Borges has quite insightful advice regarding building B2B bonds, what do you think about this? ---->

  3. jwalit shah says:

    Shreya ghoshal ye field me kab aa gai?

  4. Amit Singh says:

    One of the best interview 🔥

  5. Rugoshath IM Professionals says:

    Make more of the same

  6. Be Happy says:

    important content

  7. Anamika Yadav says:

    Inspiration 🔥

  8. Anusha Chavan says:

    Great one Sir, thanks for introducing the lady digital marketer..

  9. Majeed Khan says:

    Hi sorav, thanks for amazing video. Had 2 questions.
    1. Which platform do you use for such interviews and how do you record it? Screen record?
    2. If I start one will you be the first guest on it?

  10. Nandinit says:

    Good stuff Sorav! I just hit my first goal today - 500$ profit in a single day! And i only started with Digital Marketing the right way 1 month ago (i found a good course). I'm so exited and can't believe it's happening at the same time!

  11. Kokborok Tech Kripa says:

    Good job

  12. Bhaskar Chakravorti says:

    Thanks Sorav for introducing us to the lovely lady digital marketer

  13. Sushanto Kumar Das says:

    Great chat....consumed some knowledge. you both amazing

  14. Abuzar Shahab Qureshi says:

    very interesting and frank girl

  15. Atul Bhosale says:

    Really thoughtful interview thanks #shamaHyder #soravjain

  16. Abuzar Shahab Qureshi says:

    very excellent and insightful talk

  17. Sandeep Phour says:

    Great value

  18. Digital Lingaraj says:

    Thank you sir for this video when I was started to watch this I am supposed to be is not giving good learning value but it's excellent conversation and I am very love to watch. Thank u very much sir keep it up sir. One day you become a million subscribers.

  19. Chandan Kumar says:

    Great work sir

  20. gaurav kalra says:

    Sir thodi video ke important points bata do kyuki bhut lambi video hai ye

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