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Posted in Online Marketing on March 26, 2020
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Learn the internet marketing strategies & tactics to implement for your online presence: build a web presence, develop your SEO plan, convert traffic into leads, nurture contacts down the sales funnel and analyze all these efforts in order to improve and get even better results.

Now head over to to put this into action and conquer internet marketing, one step at a time!

hello Everyone,
Here we try to explain about the Digital Marketing Strategy of Real Estate Business
1- Target Persona
2- E mail campaign
3- Professional Website
4- PPC Advertising
5- Blog Content
6- Virtual Tours
7- Classified Ads
8- Linkedin
9- Property Websites
10-Watsapp for Business

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  2. Michael Smith says:

    Thank you for publishing such video but i cant understand why you put such title to your video? Because you just described what you will do but you didn't describe anything about internet marketing strategy. So my advice to you is that, either rename this video or upload a new one with all the details.

  3. Complete Outsourcing says:

    Wonderful video. I'm impressed. It's simple, informative, creative and very helpful! Thumbs up @James Stafford!

  4. A Muntaha Afandie says:

    Very good. Thank you so much for upload this video

  5. Michelle Anderson - The Venus Factor Review says:

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  7. James Stafford says:

    Very Cool! enjoy...

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    Great tips thanks for sharing...

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    Great video! Also covering the very important tasks to be covered!

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  19. Fluid Advertising says:

    Great resource for strategy ideas!

  20. Susie Loki says:

    Great perspective on using an online presence to promote sales.

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    Man! can we have some more videos on digital approaches

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    Thanks Sir

  25. AJAY OBEROY says:

    Bhai video kaise banate ho aap ...mujhe bhi aisehi kuch videos banane hai....background pe aap kaise likh pa rhe ho n kaise project kar pa rhe ho apka presentation...plz give me ur tip

  26. savita tripathi says:

    It's a good learning

  27. moneytvtoday says:

    Delhi mai apka coaching acha ho

  28. namrata panda says:

    Sir how to give one media plan in adwords. Please make one video of it

  29. fight &fun says:

    Thank you for this video

  30. Ankit Kumar says:

    Target personas ka data kse PTA chalega

  31. Konstantinos Ioannou says:

    Subs please

  32. ROI Overload says:

    Awesome Video!

  33. Ajit sharma says:

    Very nice sir

  34. abhishek semalty says:

    Sir can u make digital marketing strategy for nature resort owners?? Plzz that will really help me in my business... If u r ready I can give u few details about it

  35. manoj lakhotra says:

    sir 40+ age lga kar interest kya choose karna hai property ads fb par ?
    kindly suggest

  36. TecHelpeR Binay says:

    Best video...

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