I Tried Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) - What Happened

Posted in Online Marketing on April 30, 2020
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Hey Guys,

You have all probably heard of a Social Media Marketing Agency, or short, SMMA at this point. YouTube is being flooded with different “Gurus” trying to sell your their course and tell you it’s the easiest way to make money online or the best online business out there. Me, as a sceptic person, always thought to myself “It just can’t be as easy as all these people make it seem.” So, tried starting a social media marketing agency (SMMA) within only 7 days, and without any start up budget.

I will be trying to start with zero dollars and build my way up to at least two thousand dollars per month, only using my laptop and an internet connection. In this video I started off with messaging businesses on facebook and instagram, then did some cold calls and tried to get as many meetings as I could. I will show you the entire process of how I wrote my sales script, how I prepared myself for the meeting and how I am planning to close my potential clients.

20 Responses to “I Tried Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) - What Happened”

  1. Christian Dutcus says:

    dude this is a really cool video

  2. Daria Lang says:

    wowww danke für dieses videoooo. So helpful!

  3. Davaa Mongolian says:

    Worth watching! Greetings from Mongolia 😀

  4. Crowd Site says:

    I just comment without start seeing the whole video yet.

  5. Amin Hassan says:

    Great persistence and your video editing skills are top notch! If you could make a video on video editing then that would be really valuable🤝

  6. Carl Cachuela says:

    such a great video!! thinking about doing the same thing and this definitely helped me a lot. good luck on your journey can't wait to see you grow!

  7. Alisa G. says:

    Danke für dieses inspirierende Video👌🏻 Es motiviert mich wirklich zu sehen, wie auch andere den gleichen struggle haben wie man selbst🔥

  8. Omar says:

    I want to try it but I don’t know how to do it. Is there another video that shows the steps on what to do after you get a client?

  9. qlow says:

    Sehr cool, hast mein Abo 🙂

  10. Wail Mannad says:

    you can just hire a freelance sales person and pay them by commission

  11. Renzo Rodriguez says:

    Hey bro! Thank you for sharing this! I have one question though. How do you get the phone numbers?

  12. Rugoshath IM Professionals says:

    Want more of these

  13. Anthony Navarro says:

    Amazing video. This is the most honest video regarding social media marketing agaencies I've ever watched. Most of them tell crap like call 50 businesses a day to get 12 people to pay you $2500 per month. This video shows how hard it really is, and it's not about how many businesses you call!

    Thank you for showing us this!

  14. Patrick Gallagher says:

    The beginning is always the hardest. The more calls you make and the more meetings you have, the easier things will get. I enjoy your content and I definitely suggest you make more SMMA content!

  15. Magnus Frederickson says:

    That video was fire

  16. Mani Yadav says:

    you did great buddyy.....aaall the besttttttttt

  17. babaloonian says:

    Does anybody have any tips to get past the gatekeeper/ secretary. Been having some trouble getting on phone with the business owner

  18. Musti says:

    man you are so underrated should have a million subscribers for this amazing content

  19. Ashley Parks says:

    Was their ad budget fixed into the 2500$ a month price?

  20. Ashley Parks says:

    Hey I would love to know the exact services you were offering to do, in order to charge 2500 a month

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