How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2020 (Most Detailed - No Fluff)

Posted in Online Marketing on May 3, 2020
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Learn how to start a social media marketing business in 2020!

In this no-fluff free training I cover every single step in detail on how to start, scale, and automate a social media marketing agency business in 2020.

No more wasting time with "gurus" who hide the value and lie.

This also applies if you want to start a digital marketing agency, SEO, google search ads, or any other type of online marketing agency.

Here's the 6 Step Formula we cover:

1 - Build Your Foundations
2 - Find "Hidden Gem" Clients
3 - Secure Meetings
4 - Close Clients
5 - Get Results for Your Clients
6 - Automate & Scale Your Agency
My 6 Figure Agency Program:
Video to continue watching and learn more about 6 Figure Agency:
Training Bonuses (Including Slides):
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20 Responses to “How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2020 (Most Detailed - No Fluff)”

  1. Karamvir Singh says:

    Make a video on a full cold email sequence & a cold calling video 🙏

  2. Lagan Bhullar says:

    Can you make some videos specific to getting eCommerce and info product clients

  3. Lagan Bhullar says:

    What software did you use to create this presentation? It looks lit

  4. Rafael Fragoso says:

    Yes the Best free tutorial I have seen, thank You Billy!

  5. Zawadul Hoque Chowdhury says:

    Love this content 🖤
    No matter how long the video is. The content is fully informative 😇
    Keep it up and lots of pray for you


    Great content as always Billy! Your course is the best going around!

  7. URLgenius says:

    Some great advice on getting started. Another key tip you can do right now > when promoting the links to your social profiles they typically will not open the app so you'll be sending visitors to the mobile website to login. You need to update your profile or content links with an app deep linking platform to make sure your links open the app. It only takes a minute >

  8. Jhonny Robert Ortega says:

    Great training BUT make sure you know your shit before reaching out to clients.

    Good luck yall

  9. Fabian Boutique says:

    I have a question.... On a 1500,-$ monthly basis, what would be the typical investment on the ad itself be? If for the above-mentioned price the client gets one GEN ad design, do you publish the ad so it runs for a month? Or do you publish it several times? Also, how much would you recommend the client to invest in the ad?

  10. jairo says:

    hey billy,we can start on fivver to. what do you think?

  11. Grow English says:

    This video is enlightening, especially for beginners. Good job!

  12. LEADstrike says:

    Hey Billy, what software are you using to record your screen and camera?

  13. Megan_NC_Real_Estate says:

    Thank you !!!! THis is AWesome !!!!

  14. S&M Football says:

    Does it have to be a Facebook account or can it be another platform of social media?

  15. marcin kondej says:

    Hello. I want to start. I know how to find potential customers. I know how FB Pixel works, but ... How to start? Do I need to create my website? Is it enough to contact the customer and offer him a service? How to complete the transaction? That the customer would be satisfied and me too

  16. Hunter Randolph says:

    Also any invoice software suggestions??

  17. Hunter Randolph says:

    Do you think it would be a reasonable goal to get 5-10 clients within a 3 month period of time

  18. Emil Arnold says:

    Lets say you are focusing on gyms in your local area ( 100000 people ) .. Is it even still working when you make ads for multiple gyms for example? I mean those are all competitiors and you basically help their competitors at the same time. Especially if you use the same or nearly the same ad copy etc.. You know what i mean?

  19. Emil Arnold says:

    Holy Fuck! I cant describe how happy Iam that i found your channel! YOU CHANGE LIFES!

    Just a quick question: When you offer companies a free trail in exchange for a recomendation, are they even willing to make one.. Because for example if you make ads for a gym, they would actually support their competitiors with those recommendations. Do you know what i mean?

  20. Rugoshath IM Professionals says:

    Need more of this

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