How to Get Your First Social Media Marketing Client

Posted in Online Marketing on January 31, 2020
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I still remember the first social media marketing client prospect I spoke to for practice.

It was the most nervous I had ever been in my life to the point my arms and hands were heavily shaking.

I overcame this fear with practice, dedication, and inner confidence building.

In this video I discuss how I got my first social media marketing client, and give my best advice for getting yours.

We also cover an exact script you can use to help you get your first few clients, as well as how to structure your meetings with your clients.

Hope you enjoy!
Client Outreach Script
Hey I’m going to be completely honest with you.

I’m just getting started helping [niche] [get result] with [Facebook ads] and I want to build a name for myself and in order to do that I need to get some big results for some key clients.

I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me run some Facebook ads to bring some new customers for you for free.

All I require is a case study, testimonial, and 3 referrals once you see great results.
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In this video I sit down with 18-year-old entrepreneur Iman Gadzhi. He earns around k/month in PROFIT with his social media marketing agency called IAG Media. He shares how he got started with entrepreneurship and how he gained rapid success with the SMMA model even by starting with little money.

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If you want to learn how to start a wildly profitable social media marketing agency, Iman is one of the leaders in this space who has numerous student success stories from his personal online trainings. Iman believes and relies on systems that he has created and uses to break down creating and running a successful agency to a step-by-step science. Creating a social media marketing agency is a wonderful online business opportunity for making money online because it requires virtually ZERO or little capital up front, and can be scaled very quickly with just a few clients.

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40 Responses to “How to Get Your First Social Media Marketing Client”

  1. Richa Dhara says:

    I tried to login to the link but the web air won't play what to do ?? I really want the training

  2. Johannes B. says:

    In only this one video you gave more value than any fake guru on YT ever did xD

  3. Abdellah Abounnaim says:

    Can someone please explain to me what does he mean by case study and 3 referrals?

  4. Social Sam says:

    Wow, amazing video! 👏 I found you through suggested videos and I love your content, 🙌 😊 Keep up the great work! Just subbed! 💖

  5. Krishna Diamesso says:

    what are your mentoring fees?

  6. Tahlia Rae says:

    Thanks for this video. However the link for the free training is redirecting to 404 page not found.

  7. Hamza L. says:

    What’s your ratio between sales and profit billy?

  8. Seth Brodie says:

    This was good advice… Wondering if you had any advice on if you should get a business partner or not… Already know how to sell social media marketing from working at another company and I am decent at online marketing… If you were me would you get a partner that is really good at sales and I would do the marketing. Or would you start it by yourself?

  9. Stavro Korkes says:

    Hey Billy just wanna let you know that I just had my first ever meeting with a business and got them to commit to a paid trial for a week. This is all through the power of your youtube videos!!!! Preciate the great work brother!

  10. Kasra M says:

    Should I give one week or 2 weeks trail??

  11. undiluted sport says:

    Can you recommend a mentor for me

  12. undiluted sport says:

    Great video big guy

  13. Posting Productions says:

    Great video Billy. So as far as the free trial....I get that you want to get great results to prove yourself to them. But for example you will get better results with a landing page than the FB ad form. Do you put in the time and effort for free going through the process of creating them a landing page? The question much time/effort do you really give for free? Just a basic FB ad run? No extras?

  14. Keenan Smith says:

    My issue with this is instead of trying to start of a business, the mentality should switch to being a student approach and only using that to not continue to get clients but rather to get proven cases to actually join a real agency, get MUCH better clients to work for with big budgets, and then after a year go work for yourself if you wanted to.

    There's soo much more that goes into this and when you're going at it by yourself, with no technical skills, and being able to pay out appropriately for many hats to wear by having a team, this is why newbie will and continue to fail.

    People that succeed in this are actually great salesmen WITH a proven portfolio item. It's very rare someone is willing to let you just run ads with no credibility to prove what you say is true so you end up with shitty clients that expect the world from you on a $100 budget.

    You're essentially working with broke people as a broke person. That will not work out for either one of you.

    Here's some real advice, getting clients to let you run paid ads is harder to come by without a proven portfolio item than it is to go do SEO with any youtube video to build out or setting up a Keyword Search Account on excel to show opportunities of approach through Google Ads (Not Facebook Ads.)

    Newbies always look for the easiest way in from the perception on the outside which does look like Facebook but in reality, it's the harder things in perception that are actually the low barrier and there's more to learn for it than Facebook which is more simplistic.

    If you want to learn how to do this right, go look up Seth Hymes or Andrew West and join either program so you can go get a job and do this correctly.

    Running a business should be a later goal because once you actually work with clients from fortune 500 companies, no one will doubt what you say and getting these $10k-$20k clients is A LOT easier to speak with than you doing this from what Billy is saying.

  15. Ian Ramos says:

    What kind of results could you get for a client in 2 weeks? What should they expect?

  16. Maurice Gear says:

    Nice job Billy.. I definitely recommend the free trail method its an excellent way to get your first couple of clients...Thanks😎

  17. NinjaKiller999 says:

    Thank you for another great video Billy. I was wondering since you agree that skills and getting results is the most important thing, what has helped you get better at fb ads than your competitor? Not sure where to start. Cheers!

  18. hansonel says:

    Great advice for those starting out.

    I'm glad you said something very important since it seems a lot of people lately have been jumping into SMMA trying to get rich quick: "You should not start a social media agency, or any kind of agency, if you're trying to get rich quickly." Building an agency is about delivering results and adding value for your clients. If you're in it only for the money that's not going to work out well for anyone in the long run.

  19. Alex Bianchi - Define Wisdom says:

    Is landscaping a potential niche? I know a couple of them...

  20. Alex Bianchi - Define Wisdom says:

    This is really useful! My family has 3 bushiness's and an extensive connection to the local area so i know once I feel confident in my knowledge of running the business I am ready to start. I think its going to be great to do part time in college and will serve as good content for my youtube channel!

  21. ODi Productions says:

    UPDATE! Click "Read More". I flew over from London my good friend Iman who specializes in the business model of SMMA - or Social Media Marketing Agency. Other than affiliate marketing, I believe SMMA is another big opportunity to create an online business with little overhead and investment up front. Make sure to watch Iman's FREE in-depth training here:

    Part 2 Now Available on "How to Get your First Client with NO Experience!":

    Part 3 Now Available (Vlog + The TRUTH About SMMA):

  22. Robert Calinescu says:

    The first video I watched that opened my eyes to making a living of this digital era, it's been a year and a half now since I got into SMMA then I moved on to Dropshipping..and I make multi 6 figure income. This is where it all began, this was the spark that ignited it all!

  23. Trent Bell says:

    If a client asked "what is my return on investment?" wouldn't you just ask if they had an increase in sales compared to the months before?

  24. Meditation and Relaxation says:

    Great interview! Inspired to add this business to my other sources of income

  25. Isobel Troupe says:

    For beginners I would recommend to start earning via referrals, search for "influencersearn" on google and start earning on there

  26. R says:

    I bet people are so mad and jealous TBH

  27. Nathan Forrest says:

    Epic interview! Appreciate you both for sharing the nuggets!

  28. Joycelyn Szasz says:

    I would love to learn! Where do I start please?

  29. Tiffany Drake says:

    Yes definitely want to see him in a part two

  30. Warya Ballan says:

    Where's your British accent?

  31. ImAnol Salazar says:

    Can someone help me with this. Like one on one talking

  32. Tim Anderson says:

    how do u find contractors to build ads for ur clients instead of u doing it urself?

  33. Alex Grom says:

    im based in San Diego too!

  34. Ramilyn Reyes says:

    I'm so proud of you 🌻

  35. Odlince Anicet says:

    wow wow wow , this video is so amazing I like his psyco-success, My name is Odlince Anicet, living in Haiti, located in America, I am a potential student of BYU-I , I took a survey for my ademic planning , Social Media Marketing, place on the top things that I can learn, I was confused it was not in planning.
    Watching this Video give me some clear ideas How I can make money in this field. Iman Gadzhi keep growing my man. You are a linght on a mountain

  36. karlyreimers24 says:

    Would love to know where to get your contractor? Or does it not matter on their ability ?

  37. Obinna He says:

    Love your tutorial..what a useful information on social media marketing. Thanks

  38. LwiLLmusic says:

    Just signed my first client few days ago. So excited

  39. Richard Hamilton says:


    Great Video.

    What other hacks have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other good tip videos


  40. Brian Herman says:

    Dropping gems,who's this kid?

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