How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

Posted in Online Marketing on May 22, 2020
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How To Get Customers For Your Business

In this episode of #AskStefan, I answer a question relating to how to get customers for your business.

You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you can't market it and get customers, then you're doomed to fail.

While having a great product or quality service is important, what's more important to understand is that the best product isn't always the most prosperous one. I can point out MANY products that aren't the best on the market, but are the most successful because of marketing.

An example of this is McDonalds - they don't make the best hamburgers, there's many better out there, yet their the #1 seller of hamburgers in the world.

Even when Apple released the iPod, there were many better MP3 players available, but Apple became the best because they had the best marketing.

Marketing is what wins, hands down, every time... in combination with an excellent product.

So how do you market? How do you get customers for your business?

In this video blog, I explain how to get customers for your business and get started generating sales.


How To Get Customers For Your Business


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19 Responses to “How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)”

  1. Andre says:

    another very good video !!! thanks !

  2. Sitara's Love says:

    Thanks so much

  3. Red Kite SEO says:

    Love the great video explanation. SEO in a nutshell, and how all the different digital platforms lead back to the business website for conversion.

  4. Docbyte N.V./S.A. says:

    Oh, this is great! Good share! Thanks for this.

  5. Omar Ahmadieh says:

    I'm 16, living in dubai, I'm very interested in doing something like this, moving to university next year, and I want to know how to start, especially in a country like this, where this method hasn't excelled properly yet

  6. Reuben Nolt says:


  7. Jamel Hassell says:

    These are very important but basic concepts that get over looked

  8. alexrios92 says:

    Very efficient transmission of information. Direct to the point, simplistic, and well prepared.

  9. Leesha Lu says:

    Hi Stefan. I'm not sure if you received my previous message, but I am unable to stream you Affiliate Marketing Mastery program online. This is probably due to me currently living in China and the wifi being so slow here. I was wondering if there was another way to access it? We have only 2 days before they are no longer available to watch and I have only managed to watch 23 minutes of the first one, which has taken about 3 days to watch (stopping a few minutes in, refreshing the page, reducing the HD down to 360p, starting again)!! I really want to be part of the Affiliate group, but not sure what to do at this point. Help!

  10. Maria Davies says:

    Do you have tutorial on link building that still works?

  11. kimy D says:

    great tips!

  12. Simon F B says:

    thanks for the video! I'am Florian from the Netherlands, I have a new concept for an dating website. Do you have some tips to get started?

  13. Keshav Bhatt says:

    Really useful video. Especially the importance of your site being useful at turning your visitors into customers. A lot of people spend too long on making their sites look pretty but not enough time thinking through what the purpose of the site is supposed to be.

  14. Emmanuel Hermanez says:

    what country are you in?

  15. young Heaven says:

    awesome video

  16. young Heaven says:

    Hey Stefan what camera and editing material do you use? thank you

  17. Tiffany Toliver says:

    Great content!! The guy at the end! Lol

  18. susan says:

    thank you 🙂

  19. Myriam M. says:

    Thank you 🙂

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