How to Create A Content Marketing Plan [ SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS]

Posted in Online Marketing on March 13, 2020
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20 Responses to “How to Create A Content Marketing Plan [ SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS]”

  1. Lucky Cat Meow says:

    Thank you really helpful as the beginner like me....❤😊

  2. Usama Ejaz says:

    SocialBu is also worth checking.

  3. Tanner Bottomley says:

    Thank you so much, this was epic! 🤟🏼

  4. mrskam808 says:

    awesome and very helpful!

  5. Logan Guy says:

    Thanks for this one! Great strategy and look forward to sharing successes!

  6. Youtube Video Ranker says:

    Well done. You are #7 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'content marketing'.There are other keywords you rank for too, Take a look on to find out which ones.

  7. Xenia Kekae says:

    I am currently working on creating a Content Marketing Calendar and this was VERY VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!!!!! Great tips! Definitely applying them.

  8. Joke De Swert says:

    Love how in depth you explained this! So many other videos are missing the basics! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fatimah Uthman says:

    New subbie

  10. Marchello Bollatti says:

    This is really helpful since I'm a beginner..thanks!

  11. Ahmed Choudhary says:

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  12. socrayhte says:

    It's amazing the way you have made this so simplified and yet still relevant 2years after. AWESOME!

  13. Michele Zampillo says:

    Out of all the videos about content marketing planning this is the best one!! thanks kim!

  14. Sovisal Hok says:

    so sweet voice with good explanation!!! Thank you so much~!!

  15. pravin pathade says:

    Love you dear

  16. Lawanu Borthakur says:

    Thank you so much Kimberly 😊

  17. justin drew says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us. I hope this is very helpful to know more details on content marketing, and also for more advanced tips on it, then the full tutorial is here:-

  18. Practice of the Practice says:

    This was very well explained, thank you for sharing this.

  19. Kaiu's Neighborhood says:

    thank you mam, no fluff just straight to the point. good info

  20. Athina M says:

    This was very helpful thank you so much! I am writing my thesis on marketing and this was one of the best videos I found!

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