Digital Marketing Basics – Basic marketing techniques to grow your business | Modern Marketing Ep 7

Posted in Online Marketing on March 6, 2020
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Digital marketing (aka online marketing or sometimes even internet marketing) can be tricky, especially without a solid digital marketing strategy. Which is why on this episode we’re talking about the ever important, digital marketing basics, basic marketing techniques to grow your business.

Without a solid foundation rooted in digital marketing strategy all the marketing tools & tips to grow your business just won’t work.

Whether it’s social media, SEO, email marketing, or online advertising, the way to make your digital marketing campaigns truly effective is to first start with a solid foundation rooted in the fundamentals.

A little bit of marketing research done ahead of time can literally save you thousands (for big campaigns even hundreds of thousands) of dollars and days, weeks, months, even years of your precious time.

So what exactly are the basic digital marketing strategies I'm talking about?

STEP 1: Define your target market

This step really can’t be overstated. In fact, it really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking traditional or digital marketing, the same concept applies in that you NEED to first identify who it is you’re trying to reach. This is because only from here can you decide what to say, how to say it, and where to say it. The better you understand your target market and their dreams and fears the better and more effective your marketing will be.

Step 2: Use native content

If you want to look like an amateur entrepreneur then simply create a piece of content and blast it out across all 15 different social media networks you use. Sure, there’s a time and a place for syndicating and sharing content (we’re all busy and it saves a lot of time when done right) but you also want to be respectful of the platforms, and more importantly, of the viewers and users of that platform. So when you can, try to make your content looks like it was made for the channel, and that it belongs there.

Step 3: Track everything

Measure your marketing metrics! The first step here is to know your KPI’s or key performance indicators so you can track what’s working and what’s not. From there, start slow, and focus on just 1 or 2 key things and you’ll quickly be able to tell if your marketing is working (in which case you should scale it up!) or not working (in which case you may want to tweak or delete it)

Whether you’re doing it on your own or working with an agency, knowing a thing or two about the basics is always a good plan!

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Is your Internet marketing strategy setting you up for failure? digital marketing in 2018 requires you to give more value across more platforms than ever before… Get this wrong and your online business will fail. Get this right in your online business will flourish.

the Internet marketing strategies covered in this video contain content marketing strategies and paid advertising strategies including Facebook ads.

The first three Internet marketing strategies include content marketing on YouTube, through a podcast, or the written word on a WordPress blog. These three core content marketing strategies make up the three pillar strategy I've taught in this video:

First, you are required to create your core strategy which is your method of initiating content. for example, if you are a writer and you enjoy writing… Starting off with a WordPress blog and the written word is key!

For me, I hate writing… So I chose YouTube to originate my content!

Creating your content marketing based on your strengths and the type of media you enjoy producing content on most is the number one key to success with Internet marketing!

once you have habituated the process of creating content with your main initiation method, you can actually syndicate that content to the additional to marketing pillars as explained in this video:

The fourth marketing strategy is the ad and funnel strategy… This strategy costs money and has more pressure to optimize in a shorter period of time. I believe you need to have thousands of dollars, potentially 00-00 available to invest in the idea before ever expecting to see a decent return.

Some people take longer and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars, some people figure it out sooner… The quality of your offer, how skilled a copywriter you are and your experiences in sales all can help shorten the learning curve here.

the fifth marketing strategy is to leverage Kindle. I don't expect to "earn my income" from the sales my Kindle books, they are more of a lead generation system. My wife and I have distributed over 50,000 Kindle books and the number of leads and customers we have generated through our funnels with our Kindle books is amazing!

Also, some of the highest quality traffic we receive comes from Kindle because Kindle users often our customers and there's leveraged credibility from Amazon for us. These people have consumer content, purchased a product of ours before they ever enter our funnel… This increases the likelihood of them taking action on the offers we present throughout her funnel.

Regardless of which method you take, you will need to have a sales funnel built… I show you how to set up your own sales funnel in this video here:

A final, important note… The goal for you is not to move forward with all five strategies at the same time. You start with one and you gain mastery of one method first.

Then you start to syndicate your content on the next most logical strategy. If you have written 200 blog posts, you may be able to create a Kindle book very easily with that same written content.

If you are recording podcast interviews, it is very easy to create YouTube videos based on those audio files.
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