8 Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies Businesses Can Implement Today

Posted in Online Marketing on February 29, 2020
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Facebook marketing is one of the most valuable tools for businesses and brands of all sizes.

More than 2 billion people login to Facebook every single day to connect with friends/family and share content that they are passionate about.

But one of the biggest questions we get at Buffer from marketers and business owners is: How can my brand succeed with Facebook marketing in today's social media climate?

More content is being shared than ever before and Facebook is slowly moving to a "pay-to-play" model.

With these 8 powerful Facebook marketing tips for businesses, you can absolutely stand out on Facebook! There are so many exciting opportunities on the platform, which will only continue to grow as we enter 2018.

Feel free to reach out in the comments below with any questions or comments! I'd love to hear from you 🙂

- Brian


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20 Responses to “8 Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies Businesses Can Implement Today”

  1. Mary Doblander says:

    Great information....

  2. Astro Tramp says:

    my number 1 tip for making video content is buy a microphone, my number 2 tip is get out of your living room or get a backdrop lol

  3. Syed Liaquat says:

    How can i market my giftshop on social media ? Target customers around 1 mile

  4. Dan Deen says:

    This just reminds me of Google AdWords. That thing is so complicated and such a mess did you have to hire someone else to deal with it. Then again you will spend thousands of dollars and your windup betting against the bottom feeders. I'm very disappointed in this already cuz it just feels like another Yelp scam. I wish someone could prove me wrong but I'm not seeing it

  5. Dan Deen says:

    I'm not interested In selling a gadget. I have a construction company in Southern California and the people in my area are the people I'm trying to reach. 90 million people on Facebook mean nothing to me. So far I've watched many videos and followed Facebook own tutorial step by step and I keep hitting a wall. I don't know how I'm supposed to reach anybody or something it doesn't work and has nothing for support. Reading through hundreds of Articles posted by other people who do not know what they are doing is not my idea of support. Paying a company thousands of dollars to straighten this mess out is not my idea of support

  6. Bayshore says:

    Thanks for the good informational video. However, you should know by now that audio makes or breaks a great video. You may want to invest in a good microphone system.

  7. mbali makhubo says:

    Thank very super helpful

  8. javier says:

    Hi man, thank you very much for your orientation, the video is really helpful. I just have a question, I am just starting my business and I don't have a facebook page for it, should I start with my personal facebook to use my friends?

  9. GUAVA BEAN says:

    If anyone wants to learn about working remotely or join a fun & active community, check out! We love helping freelancers & digital nomads find their dream jobs. 💕

  10. Julie Richards says:

    You are talking about the response time to answer back and the first thing that crosses my mind is I get a ton of men that find my pages and start hitting on me or asking me to marry them
    Which I normally response back thank you and this is a business page. This only leads to them trying harder and since they are not in my selling area and normally from Africa. What can be done about this?

  11. S.T. Amaechi says:

    1. Facebook is the platform, content is where the magic happens.
    2. Facebook videos: keep them short and best for first
    3. Post curated content from top brands in your industry. It's not to drive traffic or sales but to build awareness and relationships
    4. Repurpose and re-share your top performing contents. Wait 3-4 weeks before doing this
    5. Use Facebook pages to watch to curate content, set goals and benchmarks, and find and get inspiration for your own content.
    6. Facebook messanger: To deliver content in new ways to your Facebook fans. For getting people to opt-in, and for customer service.
    7. Facebook groups for building a community around a topic within a niche for value, education, and usefulness.
    8. Customer service on Facebook. Don't fail to comment on reviews posted on your page.

  12. The Influencer Project says:

    With over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, you should take advantage of Facebook to grow your business.

  13. Awesome Products says:

    Hey there,

    Awesome Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other good tip videos

    Thanks again

    Enjoy the day

  14. G438 says:

    Hey, you wanna buy a shirt?? its pretty funny....

  15. LOW QUISE BEATS says:

    Modern Facebook marketing this is an E book On how to show you To market yourself the right weight on Facebook

  16. A Branch of Holly says:

    Such useful information to take action on, thanks so much!

  17. ALEX NDITOH says:

    sound poor

  18. Very Cool Products says:

    Hey there,

    Awesome Video.

    What other types of marketing do you do?

    Right now I am looking at other strategies


  19. Sangita Mukherjee says:

    This is a very informative video and is also very beneficial to our digital marketing company, DigiLeap [
    Thank you

  20. Jerry Samuels says:

    Really good information. Thank you.

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