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Posted in Online Marketing on June 11, 2020
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Planning and launching a successful marketing campaign can be quite a daunting challenge!
These 7 steps will help you create the most effective campaign possible while avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Step 1 - Begin with the end in mind
Identify your goals
Analyse your business

Step 2 - Set your time-frame
What is your best case and worst case scenario?
Don’t lock yourself into unreasonable time frames that will reduce your success because you rush

Step 3 - Identify your milestones
How will you define success?

Step 4 - Plan your budget
What should you spend?
What is your competition doing?
Will your budget get you where you’re going?

Step 5 - Choose your channels
What channels should you appear on?
Where are your customers?
What platforms do you need?

Step 6 - Execute your plan

Step 7 - Optimize your results
Use data and analytics to optimize your campaigns for the best results

Following these 7 steps will help you create your best chance of launching a successful campaign right out of the gate.

What are your favorite marketing planning tips? Feel free to leave them below!

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20 Responses to “7 Key Steps to Planning and Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign | Marketing 360®”

  1. Meed Moon says:

    Really good guide, easy and clear steps. Thanks for the video Marketing 360

  2. Alden Buyer says:

    Blindly heart my comment

  3. Kyle Hart says:

    1. Identify One top priority ( Ex: Sales or leads )
    2. Create deadlines with error space
    3. List your milestones (micro & macro) for motivation & update purposes
    4. Budget
    5. Choose your channels
    6. Launch 🚀
    7. Iterate for optimization

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  5. Svlaiman Hoppie says:

    Thanks dude! I subscribed.

  6. BarrierSecurity says:

    Finally someone with brains! I opened about 10 videos on the subject, but this one stands out as being really intelligent. Thanks for sharing, and all the best!

  7. Sandra Amadio says:

    Great vid. Concise. Very well presented.

  8. Livo Februsa says:

    cool, thankyou

  9. MAAT 42 says:

    Thank you! Yes! Will share this video & like as well. Peace

  10. Rahim Ndembo says:

    I like this bruh, you know am a junior copywriter and i have got a big project of running a campaign for leads generation in crypto industry, closed a $500 dollars bide for this project.

    All i need is my client to be happy with the results im going to give.

    Please if there is anything you cad add up to advice me i will appreciate!


  11. Hoima Goyo says:

    hi i would really like to learn more on how to start a successful business in marketing

  12. Juang Akbar says:

    Thank you for sharing! Its help me

  13. Nico Tastic says:

    2020: Take these thoughts and put your goals/milestones into motivating Objectives an Key Results.

  14. Unknown says:

    Fantastic tips Fr fr

  15. Jeysel Rei says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video

  16. Zaxter ! says:

    This was really helpful, thanks.

  17. 41565 says:

    thanks g! you're a real marketing gangster. great advice! Will use it on my next job interview. one tip from me!!! start and end videos with introduction. like a TV news reporter. people want to know the name of who's speaking

  18. Sean Ortigoza says:

    Thank you so much for this!

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