19 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business

Posted in Online Marketing on January 29, 2018
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19 social media marketing tips for small business. -

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In this video, you will learn about 19 strategies you can use for getting more business from social media. You'll learn how to get more traffic to your website from social media, get more engagement, increase brand awareness, and much more. I'll mention tactics like having the same username on all platforms, posting at certain times of the day, and much more. I'll also include resources and examples to help. Enjoy the video!

20 Responses to “19 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business”

  1. Alvin Mendaros says:

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  2. Ben Goldman says:

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  3. Florian Rieu says:

    Thanks for this nice video, you will find other point to growth your business in this blog post :

  4. Kendall Baker says:

    Great Video Look forward to seeing more

  5. Lara Norris says:

    Really helpful and inspiring. I needed that today!

  6. Bathembu Mvelase says:

    Thank you Justin, beautiful content.

  7. Janine Latido says:

    Social Media is very easy to access, u can market your product without paying a lot for advertisements. You just need to do is to grow your network and influence

  8. One For ALL All For One says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this useful data! Greatly appreicated

  9. Fulgêncio Anselmo says:

    Thank you

  10. Saurabh Agrawal says:

    Can I use the same in India??

  11. Sarah Furie says:

    Thanks. The visuals were perfect!

  12. Jonas Akula says:

    Terrific Vlog - Enjoyed it. Thank You Brother - It means a lot

  13. mimshac signatures says:

    Wow, this is so informative and well explained. Thank you so much

  14. Practice of the Practice says:

    This is such helpful information, thanks for sharing!

  15. Victor Reteghi says:

    hit dislike from the first 10 sec, info is good but the way the video is made, nooo

  16. Talya Wellisch says:

    Great video! Social media marketing is so important, especially for small businesses. One really helpful tool I use for making video ads is Promo ( ). Definitely check it out!

  17. The Influencer Project says:

    Great video! lot's of helpful content - thanks!

  18. AppsCo Team says:

    Super useful tips!

  19. 4 k says:

    awesome video and very valuable content, thank you!

  20. Dove Soft Pvt Ltd says:

    Great Content !
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