13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Posted in Online Marketing on March 12, 2018
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Social media marketing is a HUGE opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with customers, grow brand awareness, and drive sales.

But it also can be a massive challenge for business owners that multiple hats throughout the day. A lack of time and resources to dedicate to social media marketing is a major challenge!

Fortunately, we've had the awesome opportunity to speak with hundreds of marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have faced these same social media challenges.

That's why we're super excited to share our top 13 (proven) social media marketing strategies that you can try today to help drive real business results.


We had a ton of fun making this episode and so we hope you enjoyed it as well!

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20 Responses to “13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs”

  1. Erik Hammond says:

    Being around you makes everything better. I love this episode!

  2. Lezlie Tindall says:

    The only working website that worked for me personally and gives away instagram free followers is SMM EMPIRE, just google it - But, I have tried other websites as well but none of them have worked just like SMM EMPIRE haha

  3. Martin says:

    So, in a nutshell, to succeed in social media, your messages have to be compelling af

  4. josef Wayne says:

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  5. Shamiya Tolbert says:

    This was great!!



  7. Ben Goldman says:

    Hi I'm actually just getting started helping businesses gain more clients via social media and i'd be willing to run some ads for FREE to prove I can provide great results if anybody is interested 🙂

  8. Semper Savage says:

    Great job!

  9. Ace Hardy says:


  10. DIYLocalSocial says:

    this is true ☝️ like we mentioned in our previous video, social media is a great channel to reach new customers!

  11. Onset Media says:

    Coo! Great help. 🙂 Keep it up...

  12. Tricia Heacock says:

    thank you! This was good information delivered well. I am excited to put the ideas into action.

  13. Gabriel Londono says:

    Wow! It’s astonishing to learn how many businesses need help with social media. And it’s been exciting to see how much they’ll pay for it (thousands a month). Check out how to get started (for free): #sponsored

  14. Sofia Martinho says:

    Such a concise video. I was taking notes all the way through! I will definitely be putting these ideas into work. Thank you thank you thank you!

  15. auggie1980tillend says:

    This is why we have twitter mobs/cancel culture is because people are programmed and trained to consistently target people. To weaponize people against a specific person or cause.

  16. Focus4ward biz says:

    I prove it,, it is true

  17. SimplyMe0524 says:

    1. Make a commitment
    2. Create specific goals
    3. Share who you are (be human & authentic)
    4. Make time for social media (batch your content creation)
    5. Listen to your community (what kind of questions are they asking)
    6. Focus your social efforts (pick one platform)
    7. Automate your process
    8. FAVORITE: Pick the right tools (to collaborate, attract, acquire, retain, measuring) at 7:31
    9. Create a social media calendar (include company events, product release, holidays)
    10. Passion = great content
    11. Learn from the best
    12. Engagement drives growth
    13. Don’t try to be everything (what are YOU all about?)

  18. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Best Product for social media marketing for new comers and Facebook advertisers.

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